Strasbourg accident

Following the fire at the Strasbourg data center involving a significant number of servers, some of our services have been interrupted, including our website and control panel

This is an extremely serious and rare event involving tens of thousands of websites and applications, for which few Internet Service Providers are prepared and go far beyond the ordinary management that involves only local redundancy

In the specific case of the Strasbourg campus, the largest in Europe, which included 4 data centres, the fire destroyed one and a half of them and completely isolated the remaining ones

Utixo, after assessing the situation, has activated the internal procedures of Disaster Recovery, long and complex operations of emergency backup, made on other data centers previously prepared and in 2 days was able to restore 80% of its services while the Strasbourg campus is still not fully restored

In general, when you buy a service, it is always located in a specific data center including backups, if you have not prepared specific and expensive disaster recovery procedures, the risk is to completely lose the data

Utixo is an independent Cloud provider so our services are not only tied to a single data center but we use the best choice based on customer needs and best performance, this means that many of our services allocated at other facilities have remained regularly active and available

We remain focused on delivering cloud services for businesses designed for high reliability and maximum data protection in compliance with current GDPR regulations

Following this incident we plan to strengthen the multi data center distribution of our services and implement new procedures to improve communication with customers, especially in cases like these where we receive a very high number of calls (1200 per day), using social media and for this we ask you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and on Linkedin

We thank you and wish you well in your work


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