Utixo improves cpanel shared hosting backup infrastructure

With this in mind, we have redesigned the backup infrastructure of the Shared Hosting Cpanel servers, increasing performance, and the backup was also placed at another remote European data-center of another high-speed connection provider. All in compliance with the GDPR.

Our tests measured a restore of a cpanel account of about 1Gb in about 2 minutes, this is very important above all to improve the productivity of web agencies that work intensely on servers and that during the modification of sites may need frequent backups. / restore.

Backup is essential for hosting sites, Utixo has a very extensive backup policy that reaches 10 days and an additional monthly task (4 months) that allows you to restore a site even after some time.
The snapshot option is also available, that is, the saving of the entire account to be used before critical updates, if the update fails, it is possible to return to the previous moment in a few minutes.

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