Becoming an affiliate with Utixo offers numerous advantages and opportunities to earn money and grow professionally

How Utixo Affiliation Works

Who is Agent Utixo?

The Utixo agent is a professional or a company operating in the ICT, graphics, marketing, software development or other sectors related to cloud services, his task is to follow the customers especially for the pre-sales and support, he is therefore seen by the customer as a trusted advisor. Utixo will evaluate the applications before activating the relevant agent account to ensure the due technical and commercial quality to the customers.

What Utixo offers

Utixo offers its agents:

  • Commissions of certain interest on the total commercial volume managed by clients
  • Exclusive customer assignment, once assigned any order generates commissions
  • Possibility of customer allocation by Utixo
  • Periodic training on cloud services offered
  • Direct contact to technical and commercial staff (no help desk)
  • Possibility of generating commissions also from links to the Utixo site (referrals)
  • A specific Agent control panel where you can see all business transactions, the list of customers, a tool to create quotes and the ability to collect commissions in total autonomy.

How the Utixo agent works

The Utixo business model involves:

  • Associate the agent with its customers, customers will have the agent as the first technical and commercial contact and will see in their management panel the contact details of their agent.
  • Give agents access to their clients’ control panels, view the status of services, make technical and commercial changes, be able to operate on clients’ services and receive relevant communications.
  • Paying agents a commission on the volume of business generated by associated customers.
  • Give the customer technical, commercial and consulting support on Utixo’s cloud services for their correct and effective implementation through the assigned agent.
  • The assignment by Utixo of new customers in addition to the customers that the agent brings independently.

Many advantages with our affiliation model

  • We take care of invoicing customers, managing deadlines, payments, renewals and reminders
  • Direct technical support from Utixo for all services, no loss of time for you
  • Fully automatic and immediate management of commission payments
  • Exclusive property of customers
  • Our marketing activities generate commissions for you through the sale of complementary cloud products
  • We increase the loyalty of your customers

Exclusive Utixo panel for customer management: simple and effective

Customer Management

All associated clients are visible in their control panel and you can access their control panels to manage their services, all in SSO mode ie only with your password

Service Manager

Customers will see in their control panel your references and phone number so that they can contact you in case of need, you will always be their first interface


Exclusive control panel that simplifies the sales process by automating all management functions, from quotation to commission collection

Strumenti per il supporto alla vendita

Exclusive customer allocation model that guarantees commissions on every sale

Recurring fees, you will also be recognized at renewals in subsequent years

Wide range of Cloud services with high added value and recurring fee

Automated and immediate commission collection directly from the control panel

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Whatever product your customer buys generates commissions for the reseller even if the sale is made by our marketing and/or sales department.

IT resellers are our best partners, you can offer your customers many services in addition to the classic website hosting we have a catalog Cloud antivirus, Cloud backup solutions, VPS virtual machines, supply and management of professional email systems such as Microsoft Exchange and G-Suite and many other products sold for a fee as the remote assistance software Livecare.

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