Measuring the sending quality of the Pulse marketing system

We all know how important it is for an email marketing platform to ensure high deliverability and conversion rate, here you can see a test using a website that can score you on spam and sending quality. The higher the score, the more likely your email is to arrive in the recipient's inbox. Pulse is optimized for the best score and uses full domain [...]

Microsoft O365 and the European GDPR

Some customers ask us explanations about cloud services Office 365 and Gsuite (now Workspace) when it comes to GDPR that is the European legislation on data protection that serves to protect the privacy of European citizens.This article aims to shed some light on the subject without going into too much technical detail but providing some common links to institutional sites for those who want to [...]

Communication of share capital increase

In the light of the excellent results obtained in 2020 Utixo Italy srl announces the increase of its share capital to € 200,000, thus positioning itself at the level of capitalization in a small group of companies in a market, the Italian one, characterized by a high fragmentation and many small undersized providers We consider this step important in order to be able to compete [...]

Utixo strengthens cpanel shared hosting backup infrastructure

In the world of cloud computing the technological update is continuous both for what concerns the software and the hardware so it is important to update the infrastructure in order to guarantee to the customers the best performance at the best price With this in mind we redesigned the backup infrastructure of the Shared Hosting Cpanel servers increasing performance, in addition the backup was placed [...]

Strasbourg accident

Following the fire at the Strasbourg data center involving a significant number of servers, some of our services have been interrupted, including our website and control panel This is an extremely serious and rare event involving tens of thousands of websites and applications, for which few Internet Service Providers are prepared and go far beyond the ordinary management that involves only local redundancy In the [...]

New integration with Google accounts

on October 9, 2020 at 10:46 amFrom today you can register on our marketplace using your Google account, in this way you will not need to remember your account password because Google will authenticate you for access to our control panel.

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