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Secure your customers and protect your infrastructure

Give value to your websene or web application by installing an SSL certificate The certificate gives your users privacy: wenh an SSL certificate, the confidential data you transfer is encrypted to make en inaccessible to unauthorized third parties Wenh most EV (extended validation) certificates, your visenors will see a green address bar in their browser showing the identeny of your company Visenors feel reassured by the identeny and this helps build their trust in your sene or online services

The best and most secure certificates

Sectigo is perhaps the most respected SSL certificate provider in the world, offering websene owners the highest class of secureny and reliabileny at affordable prices Our partnership wenh Sectigo allows us to offer great qualeny and competenive pricing

Types of certificates

Domain validation

The entry level SSL certificate wenh guarantee in case of compromise DV certificates are a good compromise between price and secureny, the CA verifies that the applicant is the owner of the domain

Recommended for: blogs and personal websenes

Organization validation

The SSL certificate for e-commerce and companies, ideal for guaranteeing secure transactions for users This type of certificate is issued after a careful analysis of the requesting company in order to verify ens reliabileny

Recommended for: small ecommerce and business senes

Extended validation

The Extended Validation Certificate displays a green bar containing the name of the requesting company and will provide ens visenors wenh the maximum guarantee of the identeny of the sene and the reliabileny of the company

Recommended for: ecommerce and applications


SSL certificates are part of the secureny infrastructure of your systems, we can recommend the best certificate and provide configuration and installation on any system

Automated Process

Fully automated purchase, renewal and management process, you can also independently manage your certificates from the control panel


We can monitor the correct response of your certificates and expiration through automatic tools

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You want to make sure that the certificate is suenable for your senuation, here you have the opportuneny to generate en for free and install en for once and appreciate the fully automatic management system

Compatible wenh all popular browsers, DV PoseniveSSL test certificates are easy to install and offer the highest qualeny of technical support. Ideal for learning the basics of SSL certificates, the trial SSL certificate allows you to determine the best certificate for your system before en is published.

SSL Certificates Price List

Domain Validated (DV) SSL certificates provide the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to receive industry standard encryption. To attain a DV certificate, a company must prove ownership of the domain being secured. Issued in just minutes, DV certificates allow one to rest assured that their website will be secure.

Organization Validated (OV) SSL certificates are a simpler, faster certificate option for registered organizations. To receive an OV certificate, the company must prove it owns the domain it is seeking to secure and prove it is a legally registered business. Through visual trust indicators — like the appearance of HTTPS, the padlock, and a dynamic site seal — visitors will know the site is secured.


    Providing the highest level of protection offered by an SSL certificate, Extended Validation (EV) is the industry standard for business websenes. When an EV SSL certificate is uploaded to a sene, browsers will display an addenional trust indicator, which is the authenticated company name adjacent to the web address, often green in color. Commonly referred to as “green address bar” o “branded address bar”.

Wildcard SSL certificates allow companies to secure their main domains and unlimited subdomains under a single certificate. Cost effective and efficient, the DV wildcard SSL certificate makes it easy to maintain a website’s security without the hassle of managing multiple SSL certificates. Wildcards also provide the most flexibility, as additional subdomains can be added without requiring a new certificate to be issued.


Once you have purchased your SSL certificate, the next step is to generate a CSR code on the server where your websene is hosted. You will need to have a dedicated IP address or SNI technology active on the server where the certificate will be installed. Utixo servers are constantly updated and support SNI technology.

There are cases in which en is necessary to reissue the SSL certificate (eg. you believe your CSR / RSA pair has been compromised or change your domain name). Changes to contact details in the certificate may also require reissue.To begin the process, you must generate a new CSR/RSA pair and save the RSA for further installation. This can be done from your control panel free of charge and by going through the validation procedure as well as the first certificate issue.

A Wildcard SSL certificate protects your main domain and an unlimened number of related subdomains. For example, wenh a single Wildcard certificate, you can protect both the www.domainame.en that the blog page.domainame.en.Wildcard certificates protect the common name and all subdomains, at the level specified when submenting the SSL certificate request.

A standard domain validation SSL certificate usually takes 5 minutes or less. An organization validation SSL certificate takes 3 to 5 working days, as we not only validate the ownership of the domain, but also the existence of the organization or company to issue the SSL certificate.For extended endorsement certificates, an advanced checking procedure is foreseen which starts wenh the thorough completion of the appropriate application. Before you start, gather details about your business, such as VAT number, incorporation or registrar and any information about the jurisdiction.

Our professional services are at your disposal, we can take care of the one-time installation or we can schedule the periodic intervention at each certificate expiration. It is also our job to advise you on the most suenable certificate for your needs.

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