Utixo’s Cloud Object Storage is a solution based on the IaaS model that allows you to create and manage storage spaces suitable for many needs, from additional storage for servers to storage for backups It is a secure, reliable and flexible storage for long-term archiving or sending any kind of files to your customers and it saves multiple copies of all your data on different disks and servers, ensuring security and performance

Flexible Access

You can use various access protocols such as FTP, SFTP, SCP and RSYNC so you can easily and securely access them You can even integrate your cloud storage into your file system via Webdav or Samba


Use the SNAPSHOT feature to take a snapshot of your Storage and restore it if necessary This increases the reliability of your data You can schedule a frequency of automatic snapshots according to your needs

High Flexibility

You can resize it according to your current needs and without losing data or having to manually migrate Just go to your control panel and resize the storage as you need it

Supported Protocols

Flexible Storage Access


  • Ftp
  • Ftps
  • Sftp
  • Scp
  • Cifs
  • Rsync
  • WebDav


Usable as a cloud network drive

Through the CIFS protocol you can use it as a network cloud disk shared across multiple systems

network drive via CIFS

Storage for your cloud backup

The ideal destination storage for your backup software, it’s compatible with most applications and sets up in a snap

Multi-Protocol Storage Cloud 100Gb

Multi-Protocol Storage Cloud 500Gb

Multi-Protocol Storage Cloud 1000Gb

Multi-Protocol Storage Cloud 2000Gb

Multi-Protocol Storage Cloud 1500Gb

Multi-Protocol Storage Cloud 2000Gb

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can create up to 100 users and each of them can have up to 10 active connections per protocol.

Yes, you can create a shared disk that multiple users can access even from remote offices.

The storage has an automatic snapshot function, ie the ability to save the entire contents of the storage itself at regular intervals, this allows for example the total recovery of the content even if the data is encrypted providing a total protection.

Yes, the storage is seen as a local network unit so it can be used as a destination for Veeam backups both B&R version and the single Veeam agent.

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