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Utixo is a cloud provider that provides companies with all the services necessary for the management of their IT infrastructure as-a-service, allowing them to optimize costs and availability.

It therefore includes a series of integrated services and solutions that can be used in self-service and pay-per-use mode through an innovative management platform, created and designed by Utixo with the latest technologies available.

Utixo solutions are focused on security, confidentiality and compliance in Europe GDPR, unlike many other providers we are focused on the European market, servers in Europe and management in Europe thus avoiding any problems due to the export of data of European subjects to other states or managed by non-European companies.

The commercial approach of Utixo is mainly through the channel, IT resellers, Web agency, marketing agency and develops on a very innovative concept of partnership and affliction that allows increasing advantages over time and professional growth.

Through specific digital marketing technologies implemented in its innovative platform and the wide catalog of integrated products, we are able to leverage a cross-selling system that over time increases the advantages of our partners.

Furthermore, the platform allows the partner to manage all management processes including payments in an immediate and automatic way through open banking systems for the automation of commercial flows.

The management platform

The strength of Utixo starts from an innovative management and cloud automation platform capable of activating, managing, providing assistance and automating all processes.

The system starts from a solid and proven international solution and on this solution we build a series of improvements with proprietary technologies.

The platform is also the one used by our partners to manage and increase their business by including all the technical, commercial and marketing tools that can be used.

The marketing tools include an integrated email marketing platform and management tools dedicated to resellers.

Proprietary Technologies

Utixo develops its own technologies for the management of services using the latest innovations with distributed systems and AI.

At the moment, among the technologies developed we can list:

  • Latest generation email marketing system (Pulse)
  • Use of Open Banking technology for the management of bank transactions and reconciliation
  • SMTP management products with IP reputation protection and IP rotation that guarantee quality and control
  • Application integration systems with secure protocols

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