Email Security suite it’s a cloud service designed to protect your email system, it’s easy to configure, completely cloud-based, and requires no software installation and configuration on your servers or clients

Features of the Libraesva email security service

Spam Filter

Filters 99,98% of spam, certified by virusbulletin and zero false positives

Antivirus support

Maximum protection thanks to support from Clamav, Avira and BitDefender

Quarantine management

The best quarantine management on the market, configurable and simple

Backup MX

If your server is unavailable, the system works as a backup archive

Highly integrated

Wide compatibility with all mail systems (Exchange, Lotus Notes, Zimbra etc)

Sandbox URL

Proprietary technology that controls the security of all links received in emails

Immediate activation

No hardware or software purchases required, and a cloud service that can be activated in minutes

Pay-per-use solution

You only pay for what you use, extend or reduce the service based on your needs

QuickSand Sandbox

Analyzes via sandbox and protects against file-based threats (Cryptolocker)

Protection for Exchange and Workspace

Our service has been designed to meet the specific security and control needs of companies, making it able to integrate with any email system, including platforms such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace. It also integrates seamlessly with Exchange’s on-premise solution and protects both receiving and sending. Find out why our security suite is better than Microsoft’s.


Email security solution for shared hosting at both Utixo and third parties


SMEs, large companies, public administrations with internal mail server


Offer your customers the best protection system: security and privacy

Highly reliable cloud service

The service is provided in its most secure and performing configuration by applying all the best practices to obtain the best result, so we talk about geographical clusters distributed over multiple data centers and real-time monitoring of the platform You have nothing else to think about, we manage everything

Libraesva Cloud Service Provider

Additional resources (Datasheets, Videos, Whitepapers)

Utixo Email Tracking System

Tracking your emails

The administration console allows users to track emails graphically for maximum security

Advantages of our as a Service solution

  • Immediate activation, no hardware or software required
  • Fully managed service
  • Filters already optimised by years of experience
  • Highly reliable solution with 2 servers in 2 data centers

Your mail system is safe and reliable ? Ask us for a verification through our email security tester !

Email Security Suite free trial 30 days

Libraesva Email Protection Suite
Professional Antispam / Antivirus Filter

Spam blocked – 99.98%

QuickSand attachment protection

UrlSand Link Protection

Quarantine management

MX backup

Email Security Suite

Libraesva Email Protection Suite
Professional Antispam / Antivirus Filter

Spam blocked – 99.98%

QuickSand attachment protection

UrlSand Link Protection

Quarantine management

MX backup


We offer a cloud managed service ready to use that does not require installations and configurations on your network, to proceed simply order the TRIAL service specifying the required info in a few minutes the MX records will be provided to be set in your DNS, once once the DNS is configured, the service will be active.
Once the service is activated the mail flow will be routed to our cluster servers, checked, cleaned and forwarded to the destination server. We recommend that you disable any other antivirus or antispam that may be present on the mail and whitelist IP addresses of Libraesva servers . Support is available to help you with configuration.

The service sends to each user daily the list of emails classified as a threat, the user will have the opportunity to release the email deemed valid and possibly whitelist the sender to prevent other similar emails can be blocked again, however, false positives are extremely rare. You can also access the control panel to view the contents of the quarantine.

Yes, the system automatically creates a domain administrator account that can manage mailbox protection settings for all users, release emails from quarantine and whitelist domains, IPs or individual emails. It is also possible to have one administrator for multiple domains.

The use of our security suite is strongly recommended with Office365 and Google Workspace, the products integrate perfectly and increase the security level of the product. They are a better alternative to the security suites that Microsoft optionally offers.

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