SMTP is a professional email service focused on quality and reputation to ensure delivery of emails to recipients

The perfect mail relay solution for all major mail servers such as Exchange, HMail, Zimbra, Kerio and others

Features of the SMTP email service

High Availability

Highly reliable cloud-based service

High sending quality

We follow all best practices to ensure delivery

IP Reputation Control

Continuous reputation checking of the most used IPs and blacklists

Automatic IP Rotation

The system automatically rotates IPs to optimize sending speed

NO SPAM Policy

We block outbound spam and prevent use of the service outside the ToS


Control panel with statistics, sent emails and errors


SMTP relay for mail server

There are many good reasons to use an external SMTP service for your services, there are many rules to be respected to have a quality service and needs continuous monitoring, rely on us to send emails also for your mail servers (Exchange, HMail, Kerio or other).

Email Tracking

From the control panel you can view the “track delivery”, the details of each item and filter by successful, delayed, queued or failed items. It is also possible to export the log in a csv file for a detailed analysis.

Utixo SMTP Track Delivery

Get into the inbox, don’t lose opportunities 

This service was born out of our 10+ years of email deliverability experience. We know how to get to the recipient inbox and how to keep your email system secure.

Quick and easy to set up

Send emails from any application, printers, scanners, management software and all devices that require a smtp server support (smtp relay). In a few minutes you receive the configuration data and start shipping with high quality.

smtp server configuration

Detailed statistics

View real-time service statistics:Total emails sent, failed, delayed and queued.

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Hi Speed and Hi Quality
up to 20.000 email/month
compatibile with Exchange Server


Hi Speed and Hi Quality
up to 40.000 email/month
compatibile with Exchange Server


Hi Speed and Hi Quality
up to 70.000 email/month
compatibile with Exchange Server


It ‘important to correctly configure the various parameters to get the best quality of sending (email deliverability), our technical service is available to guide you to the best configuration and perform all the tests, only in this way we can ensure the delivery of your emails, before you start sending emails open a ticket to ask the correct configuration of the parameters specific to your needs.

Yes, if configured correctly the sending problems are drastically reduced, if you have any doubt about your configuration consult our professional services.

The SMTP service is not a product suitable for marketing campaigns but a service for sending high quality ordinary emails. Per l’email marketing abbiamo un prodotto specifico che sicuramente è più adatto allo scopo, potete trovarloqui.

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