This module integrates Wise borderless multi-currency bank account into WHMCS and add automatic payments reconciliation, a task which is mostly done manually at least once every day.

How does it work?

Using a Wise Borderless multi currency bank account and the Wise API credentials, the module will query the account statement for incoming transactions and attempt to match WHMCS unpaid invoices with the invoice number written in the client’s payment reference.
For WHMCS invoices matching the payment reference, the transaction is registered on WHMCS, marking the invoice as paid and triggering the payment confirmation email for the client.

Cron automatic reconciliation

The reconciliation of payments can either be executed manually from the dashboard or automatically by the WHMCS cron, without the need to setup new Cron jobs.
When the Cron option is enabled, the module will periodically attempt to reconcile new incoming payments.

Account balance and transactions history

The module admin dashboard displays balances and recent transactions for all the currencies enabled on the connected Borderless account, so you can always keep track of incoming payments. To assist in managing payments for your WHMCS products and services, the dashboard includes a list of payments that require your attention, ensuring you can promptly check and solve failed reconciliation attempts.

Custom reconciliation rules

When using the default settings, the module recognizes numbers in the format #1234 in the transaction’s payment reference as invoice numbers, and attempts to reconcile the payment for the corresponding WHMCS invoice.
To ensure the rules for extracting the invoice number from the transactions payment reference suit your specific needs, you can override the default rule with your own by using regular expressions.


Dashboard Widget

In the WHMCS dashboard you can see the bank account balance and link to not recognized transactions that need to be reviewed.

Full Bank Account Control

You can have the balance and all the details about bank transactions, no need to login to the bank you can do all from WHMCS admin.


Key features

  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Custom Regex rules for parsing payment reference
  • Recent transactions graphs and list
  • Logging to activity log for debugging
  • WHMCS dashboard widget for quick monitoring of balances and transactions
  • Requires a Wise Borderless bank account with API credentials
  • Supports WHMCS V7.4 and later
  • Customization for other billing systems can be developed

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