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Utixo is an innovative cloud provider that provides companies with all the services they need to manage their IT infrastructure in as-a-service mode allowing them to optimize cost and availability, the ideal partner for enterprise digital transformation.
We therefore create cloud services and solutions that integrate with each other that can be used in self-service and pay-per-use mode through an innovative management platform (UCMP), created and conceived by Utixo that uses numerous innovations.

Utixo’s commercial approach is mainly through the channel, IT resellers, Web agency, marketing agency and develops on an exclusive partnership concept that allows a valid and effective customer management and guarantees a high level of satisfaction.

The UCMP platform allows our partners to reduce website development time and reduce customer management time, all done from a single interface with Single Sign On.

The tools developed through specific digital marketing technologies and the large catalog of integrated products we are able to leverage on a cross-selling system that over time increases the benefits for our partners.

In addition, the platform allows the partner itself to manage all management processes including instant payments and full automation through open banking system technology.

The UCMP management platform

UCPM is a multivendor cloud marketplace and cloud automation platform developed in-house by Utixo that uses the latest technologies and integrates several purpose-built innovations such as payment management using open-banking APIs.

The platform enables the complete management of the cloud service lifecycle by automating the various stages, in particular it provides for the management of the following functions:

  • Quotation
  • Sale
  • Activation of services (provisioning)
  • Change (upgrade/downgrade)
  • Invoicing
  • Payments
  • Termination of services
  • Marketing
  • Reseller/Affiliate Management

We are thus able to offer our customers and resellers effective tools for managing all the cloud services needed by companies even from different vendors by enabling flexible and customizable billing and a single technical contact.

UCMP allows :

  • Speed ​​increase for website development
  • Increase in sales by tightly integrating multiple services
  • Increase in sales through up and cross selling marketing tools.
  • Automated processes that increase opportunities for partners
  • Increased security and protection of customers’ Internet infrastructure

Proprietary Technologies - INNOVATION

Utixo develops its own technologies for service management using the latest innovations with distributed systems and AI.

Our products implement numerous innovations, we can list some points:

  1. Next Gen (Pulse) digital marketing system
  2. Open Banking technology for the management of financial transactions
  3. Smart SMTP with IP reputation protection and IP rotation that guarantee quality and control
  4. Application integration systems with secure protocols

Leader in Cloud automation

With the introduction of cloud computing and its enormous possibilities, Utixo has immediately developed numerous automation systems that simplify the use of cloud platforms for our users.

Utixo Italy Srl
Via Rossignoli, 14 26013 Crema (CR)
Phone: +39 0373 1996162
P.I. IT01718220195
Cap.Sociale € 300,000 i.v.

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