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Company leader in cloud automation

Utixo aims to optimize and SIMPLIFY the management of companies’ IT infrastructure through the innovative UCMP platform and at the same time significantly reducing the environmental impact.

The use of our system guarantees:

  • Simplification of business processes
  • Savings on the management of the company’s information system
  • Increased efficiency of the information system
  • Greater flexibility to change
  • Lower financial impact, monthly pay-as-you-go fees
  • Increased security of the information system

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Company Profile

The Utixo company is an innovative cloud provider that provides companies with all IT infrastructure services on an “as-a-service” basis, enabling them to optimize costs, improve security and data availability.
We are the ideal partner for migration from on-premises mode of IT system to cloud computing, including hybrid cloud and private cloud.
We guarantee, therefore, to our clients the optimization of the IT system in the sense of flexibility, reliability and better TCO.

We integrate the best cloud services in international markets and manage them through an innovative management platform, UCMP (Utixo Cloud Managment Platform), created and designed by Utixo. This uses numerous technological innovations as well as giving simplicity and uniformity of management across all services.

We are registered as an innovative start-up at the Italian Business Register and as such We spend a substantial part of the budget on research and development. This ensures the continuous evolution of our services.

Utixo’s business approach is mainly through the channel, IT resellers, Web agencies, marketing agencies and is developed on a very effective partnership concept. This is also managed through the UCMP platform, which enables our partners to develop their business.

The UCMP marketplace: innovation and full automation

UCPM is a multivendor cloud marketplace platform, an aggregator of solution-as-a-service, developed by Utixo. It uses the latest technology and integrates several specially created innovations.

It is to all intents and purposes an ecommerce system designed for the sale, even in self-service mode, of cloud services. By integrating multiple vendors into a single platform, we can dramatically simplify management by providing a uniform interface for customers and affiliates.

The platform enables complete lifecycle management of cloud services by automating the various stages. Specifically, it involves the management of the following functions:

  • Quotation
  • Agent or self-service sales
  • Activation of services (provisioning)
  • Change (upgrade/downgrade)
  • Invoicing
  • Payments
  • Termination of services
  • Marketing
  • Reseller/affiliate management

So we are able to offer our customers and resellers effective tools for managing all the cloud services needed by businesses, even from different vendors. We provide flexible and customizable billing and a single technical contact person.

UCMP allows :

  • Speed ​​increase for website development
  • Increase in sales by tightly integrating multiple services
  • Increased sales through up- and cross-selling marketing tools.
  • Automated processes that increase opportunities for partners
  • Increased security and protection of customers’ Internet infrastructure

Proprietary Technologies

Utixo develops its own technologies for service management, using the latest innovations with distributed systems and AI.

Our products implement many innovations, we can list some of them:

  1. Next Gen (Pulse) digital marketing system
  2. Open Banking technology for the management of financial transactions
  3. Smart SMTP with IP reputation protection and IP rotation that guarantee quality and control
  4. Application integration systems with secure protocols

Remote company first

Utixo is a company that operates on the global market, therefore it has a multi-national and multilingual vocation with employees operating from different countries, we are the ideal partner for equally global companies.

In addition, Utixo embraces the concept of extreme automation, i.e. the use of innovative technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence) to reduce and simplify repetitive processes. Our platform is completely API driven.

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