keeper: password manager

Forgot your password? Computer security begins by protecting one's passwords, credentials and secret keys.

Keeper Security: Password & Secrets Management

Keeper protects your passwords and secret keys with maximum security, visibility and control

From the data center to the front office, Keeper provides the best in enterprise security and prevention against cyber threats. Secure access to applications, systems, secret keys and IT assets with a zero-trust, zero-knowledge architecture. Simplify and strengthen the verification and compliance phase. This will give you organization-wide visibility, auditing, event logging, and reporting.

Gestione e condivione delle password

Password management and sharing

Keeper generates random and complex passwords and enables secure sharing between users and groups Create shared folders for workgroups and establish limits on users’ ability to add, remove, edit or share entries.

Work safely and efficiently.

Safe architecture and elegant design

Protection from ransomware attacks

It reduces the risk of breaches by providing real-time protection and access to applications, systems, secret keys and IT assets.

Powerful security concept

Offers security and best practice reviews with credentials of all endpoints and systems with native SIEM integration.

Save time and money with quick setup

Easy, fast, and cost-effective to integrate and deploy across organizations, departments, and agencies of any size.

Robust compliance and reporting system

Simplify and strengthen audit and compliance including support for RBAC, 2FA, FIPS 140-2 encryption standard, HIPAA, FINRA, SOC, ITAR and many more.

A powerful platform that protects every user on every device. It is distributed in minutes.

Avoid breaches, reduce helpdesk costs and ensure compliance

Keeper security is your first line of defense against identity breaches. For those organizations seeking unmatched cybersecurity, Keeper’s outstanding security architecture protects data and systems with a solution that’s quick to deploy and easy to use. Keeper gives you visibility, control and compliance so you can place your trust in the security of your organization.

Keeper browser extension

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