Cloud services affiliation and resale: a successful partnership

Partnering with Utixo allows for numerous benefits, earning opportunities and professional growth

Discover how easy it is to grow your business in the world of Managed Services (MSP) with our cloud services affiliation and resale program. The Utixo agent is a freelancer or corporate resource working in the areas of ICT consulting, graphic design, marketing, software development, and advertising.

Features of the cloud services affiliation and resale:

UCMP: the cloud management platform that creates success

Here are all the benefits you have using UCMP. With Utixo's cloud services affiliation and resale, everything is easier.
Utixo Service Manager Box in UCMP

Service Manager: who is it?

UCMP introduces the concept of a service manager. In short, the partner becomes the customer’s main technical and commercial reference, and his or her contact will be displayed in the customer’s control panel. In addition, the partner remains central and at its discretion can delegate business opportunities or technical and consulting issues to Utixo. This expresses the concept of customer ownership.

Customer management in the cloud services affiliation and resale

The platform provides partners with numerous tools to simplify and optimize customer management. In fact, the list of one’s clients is easily visible in the control panel. In addition, client control panels can be accessed through the “Login as client” function, without the need for a password. Thus, service managers can access and manage all their clients’ services. Finally, the platform also integrates tools for the development of the partner’s business, automating up and cross-selling processes.

Tools to grow

  • Don’t think about billing anymore, UCMP takes care of it with automated processes.
  • Access a single platform to manage all services and all clients.
  • UCMP allows a complete automation and integration of the various services. Use pre-configured cloud solutions and activate them with just a few clicks.
  • Extremely flexible: the customer can also choose to manage their services independently.

Cloud services affiliation and resale: the program that makes you grows

Benefits for Associated Partners

There are recurring commissions on all customers in our cloud services affiliate and reseller program. In addition, automated marketing activities are performed that increase the agent’s annual commissions. Here are the advantages:

The cloud services affiliate and resale program provides billing for each customer and collects the amounts due through UCMP. In fact, the customer can pay by credit card, paypal, automatic RID or SEPA (find out details about payment methods). The renewal of services is managed by Utixo, so you receive the commissions automatically as soon as accrued. In addition, customers can also pay in small monthly installments.

UCMP uses single sign on that reduces the use of passwords and allows access to all client services quickly from a single interface. It also automates many tasks such as the installation of WordPress, other CMSs and backup. Thus, each function is optimized to enable the best result in the shortest time. PYou can also see the details of the services provided, communications, invoices and payments of your customers. So you can focus more on your business.

We help you maintain contact with customers and increase the quality of the relationship. In fact, UCMP keeps the customer up-to-date on any technical and business aspects. This, therefore, increases satisfaction, loyalty and provides all the complementary services that are useful for the growth of the client and his organization.

Increase your revenue with our cloud services affiliation and resale program

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

In Utixo’s cloud services affiliation and resale program whatever product the customer purchases generates commissions for the reseller. This is also the case if the sale is made by our marketing and/or sales department.

IT resellers are our best partners. You can offer your clients numerous services, discover the whole catalog in our shop. In addition to classic website hosting, you can find cloud antivirus, cloud backup solutions, VPS virtual machines, provision and management of professional email systems such as Microsoft Exchange and Google Workspace, and many other products sold on a fee basis such as Livecare remote support software.

Utixo sells all-around cloud services, that is, all the services businesses need to be productive and competitive. It operates globally through a number of affiliates and resellers. Typically, our partners are ICT companies, such as web and marketing agencies and accountants. Affiliates can benefit from an innovative “leveraged” business approach. This makes it easy to multiply commissions by leveraging Utixo’s Cloud Service Management Platform (UCMP), which can automate the entire process of selling services.

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