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Utixo's Hosted Exchange includes the Libraesva email security suite to the Microsoft Exchange mail system to provide an extremely reliable mail environment protected from cyber security threats. Two leading products integrated and ready to use.

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The best mail system and the best protection system together

Secure Hosted Exchange by Utixo

Secure Hosted Exchange, to work efficiently and without risk

Work together with your collaborators by sharing the data you want thanks to compatibility with smartphones, tablets, desktops and the web

Advanced security features

Utixo Hosted Exchange helps protect corporate information with advanced features provided by the Libraesva technology-based protection system.

Security in multiple devices

With mobile device policies you can create lists of approved mobile devices, enforce PIN blocking, and remove confidential corporate data from lost devices.

Integration with Outlook

Users can connect with all supported versions of Outlook, the best and most widely used, internationally, mail client.

Sharing and collaboration

Shared calendars, group management, global address book, address list management, external contacts, conference room management, and delegation capabilities.

Outlook app

Exchange uses ActiveSync the most popular mobile protocol for smartphones, iOS/Android tablets and is supported by all devices natively.

Third-party applications for Outlook

Streamline your work by integrating any third-party applications; it is an open system who gets more functionality through these plug-ins.

Inbox Management

Stay focused on the most important emails through the Clutter system, a unique tagging system so that no important email is missed.

Web-based access

For Web access, the Outlook on the web application provides an identical interface and that available on outlook and mobile devices.

DLP Data Loss Prevention

Outbound email control functionality with possible blocking of sending sensitive business information

Add on professional

There are many actionable options available that are very useful for businesses such as archiving, email journaling, signature management.

Secure Exchange offer details

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Effective defense against spam and scams

Easily defend against sophisticated and persistent malware and phishing attacks before they reach your network. Prevent cybercriminals from stealing sensitive data, capturing funds, crippling your systems and even extorting. With Utixo’s Hosted Exchange you can also track the path of all emails through the protection system.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this service uses servers located in Europe and overcomes concerns about GDPR compliance following the EU’s abolition of the Privacy Act. For more information you can also read this article.

The additional protection is a cloud service based on Libraesva technology, an award-winning product in numerous competitions. For more information about the product you can visit the dedicated page by clicking here.

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