Professional wordpress hosting

Give your site a high performance and high security server, we protect your data in compliance with the GDPR

Not just a simple hosting but a real Rapid Website Development and management environment (Rapid Website Development)

Clients management

Centralized management of all customers and quick access to all services via SSO, one password to remember


Not just web site hosting but a real integrated service environment such as email marketing


We have automated all the procedures to make your life easy, automatic backup, WP installation, security management, create your site in a few hours

Secure WordPress Hosting

Dedicated WordPress hosting profiles that include specific tools to increase productivity and simplify management, plus you can secure your site with a single click.

wordpress hoting
gestione wordpress

Complete WordPress management includes:

Web Site Down Detector

Unavailable site can create economic losses, image losses, and search engine penalties, but Utixo allows you to monitor availability and be alerted in case of problems. It also sends you a weekly availability report and measures response times. Activate the service as an option to your hosting

uptime website monitoring

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