technical support

In the event of a support request, if directed by an Utixo technician, use this link to allow access to your computer.

Save the plugin by giving consent to run, the software is safe!


Call the number: +39 0373 199 6162. Monday - Friday | 09:00 - 18:00.

Knowledge Base

Check out the site with all our FAQs, technotes and technical papers.


Ticket management site h24x365, require registration if you are not our customer.


Contact us with an email if you have any questions, how can we help you?

Business support: dedicated account

If you have been assigned a dedicated account, you can call your contact person directly. You can find his references, including the phone number at which to contact him, in your control panel under the “Service Manager” section. If you would like an assigned technical sales reference without having to use the call center, make a request by opening a ticket, as explained above.

Supporto aziendale Utixo / Support
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