Professional, high-speed Linux hosting

Give your site a high-performance, high-security server, protect your data in compliance with GDPR

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If you plan to build your website via CMS such as Prestashop, Joomla or Drupal, professional Linux hosting is the best option

Clients management

Centralized management of all customers and quick access to all services via SSO: one password to remember


Not just web site hosting but a real integrated service environment such as email marketing


We have automated all the procedures to make your life easy, automatic backup, WP installation, security management, create your site in a few hours

Reliable and secure hosting Linux for your projects

The key points of our offer:

cms hosting


Backup is extremely important for any web agency. Utixo is the only hosting provider to have daily and even monthly backups with ultra-fast restore.


We verify that the site always responds on time through a monitoring system (down detector) that simulates the access of a real user and measures the response of the website.

Health check

For maximum protection, all sites are checked periodically for threats. In addition, a health status report is visible in one’s control panel.

Linux hosting and Web Site Downdetector

Unavailable site can create economic losses, image losses and search engine penalties. That’s why Utixo allows you to monitor availability and notifies you in case of problems. It also sends you a weekly availability report and measures response times. Activate the service as an option to your hosting.

uptime website monitoring
cpanel backup

Safeguard your business from sudden data loss

Back up is a critical component of hosting service, especially for web agencies and web developers. Utixo uses an infrastructure that does not require user bandwidth or server storage, but uses remote storage as it should be. You won’t need any other backups besides our already fully automatic and secure one.

Linux Hosting and Mailshield

There are now numerous cases of online scams and it is well known that many of them use email to infiltrate the corporate infrastructure. Work with peace of mind by eliminating spam, viruses and threats! The solution is Utixo’s email security suite, based on Libraesva ESG technology.

email security libraesva

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Utixo can take care of the transfer, guaranteeing migration without any loss of data. In fact, we have tools for automatic transfer of sites, even in large numbers. In addition, working mainly with companies, we guarantee migration without down time, i.e., period of site downtime. For complex transfers, we have a migration team that takes care of both sites and mail. Read the article to know the details.

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