vps and iaas (infrastructure as a service)

IAAS provides the hardware, software and network infrastructure resources in a simple and straightforward way: we can design the best network architecture for you including servers, LANs, firewalls, traffic balancersand connect all this to your enterprise network through our Hbryd Cloud solution

Definition of IaaS

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a form of cloud computing that provides virtualized computing resources over the Internet.

In the IaaS model, cloud providers host the infrastructure components that traditionally reside in an on-premise data center, including servers, storage and network hardware, as well as the virtualization layer, allowing users to scale quickly to meet demand.

Infrastructure as a service designed to scale


We take care of Backup management, a complex operation that must be managed by expert personnel.

VPS Cloud

Pre-configured or custom cloud instances with high performance, high reliability and a wide range of S.O. supported

Load balancer

Our Load Balancers as a service allow you to easily scale your applications by distributing the workload.

DDOS protection

Utixo will safeguard your cloud servers using the latest hardware devices and sophisticated perimeter security technologies, providing first-rate protection against large-scale DDoS attacks. And all this for free.


Our cloud firewalls increase the protection of your infrastructure, define inbound and outbound rules to block unwanted traffic. They are activated in minutes and offer perimeter protection to your hybrid cloud.

Block storage

Create your storage volumes, use them as additional disks of your VPS or as shared disks. You can flexibly expand your disks up to 10TB, use the storage you need without having to manage your physical disks


Our VPS are configured to offer maximum security, therefore include a “security hardening” based on our decades of experience in server management, we periodically update our profiles based on the latest vulnerabilities discovered.


In many cases, the proper functioning of the servers is essential for the company, so we offer a monitoring service that warns in real time of any anomaly and warns in advance of any problems that may occur, therefore a proactive approach.


Customers have a dedicated account manager who follows you for any technical or commercial problem, who knows your needs and your way of working, this avoids wasting time with help desk calls and effectively addresses your needs.

Windows remote desktop servers and systems

We offer our customers preconfigured servers for the use of Windows Remote Desktop optimized in performance and security complete with Microsoft SPLA licensing. It is also possible to connect the Cloud servers to your local network through a VPN provided by us and a real-time performance monitoring that can be consulted via the Web. Consult us for a quote and a project.


Migration of your infrastructure to the cloud

Migrating your systems is no problem, we have highly trained technical staff who will schedule the migration to the cloud without creating any disruption, we will give you the key solution in hand ready to use.

Utixo Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Extend your enterprise network with our Hybrid Cloud solution, this way your Utixo Cloud servers and all your infrastructure will be visible exactly as if they were connected to the local network in maximum security so no problems with printing nor access to management.

Total Cost of Ownership

Reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the IT infrastructure

With our Cloud Server and IaaS solutions, we can lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your IT infrastructure while increasing efficiency, productivity, and data availability.
We help companies to transition to the Cloud Computing model in a gradual and painless way also through hybrid cloud solutions.

What is included in the full management service

IaaS Full management means that we take over the total management of the infrastructure from design to implementation to monitoring and assistance.


Disaster Recovery Plan

If your server is Mission Critical and needs business continuity service we can replicate your server to a remote data center for maximum security.

Build your cloud infrastructure with us.
Whether you need a single server or an entire cloud infrastructure, contact us, we will make you the best project.

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