Buy in total safety with the most convenient payment method.

Utixo has created an exclusive automatic service and payment management system, in most cases the services are activated and deactivated autonomously by the management system based on the payments received.
It is therefore important that the renewal confirmation and the relative payment arrive before the expiry of the service to avoid the suspension of the same.
Some payments take a few days to register so it is always best to proceed well in advance.
Below we summarize the payment methods provided by Utixo and the related technical times for registering the same:

  1. Bank transfer to IBAN BE50967105104718 SWIFT / BIC: TRWIBEB1XXX
    It is the primary IBAN on a Belgian bank with automatic payment control via open banking protocol, waiting for registration is approximately 1-3 days.
    Bank address: TransferWise Europe SA Avenue Marnix 13-17 Brussels 1000 Belgium
    Beneficiary: UTIXO ITALIA SRL
  2. Bank transfer to IBAN IT77C0623056840000044565778 SWIFT / BIC: CRPPIT2P217
    It is the secondary IBAN on an Italian bank with manual control of the receipt of bank transfers therefore the waiting time for registration is about 2-4 days.
    Bank address: CREDIT AGRICOLE Via Giacomo Matteotti, 26/28, 26013 Crema CR
    Beneficiary: UTIXO ITALIA SRL
  3. Paypal: the email for paypal payments is: [email protected]
    With paypal payments the credit is immediate
  4. Credit cards: the major VISA, MASTERCARD and AMEX cards are accepted.With
    a credit card, payment registration is immediate
  5. SEPA Direct European
    Debit Direct debit on current account, it takes about 10 days to be credited
Stripe Secure Payment Utixo

Powered by Stripe

We use the best and safest payment gateways, Stripe is a fully integrated and cloud-based global payment management platform. It allows us to accept payments in 135 currencies and with a wide range of methods, including debit, credit and SEPA direct debit cards.

The convenience of SEPA DIRECT DEBIT

We are well aware of the headache of having to remember to send this or that wire every month. Not just bills, but various online services and subscriptions of all kinds require frequent payments, often even abroad. If you want to forget about it and enjoy your days while fixed expenses are paid automatically on the set date, SEPA direct debits are for you. By activating a SEPA direct debit, you authorize the withdrawal of certain payments directly from your current account, without having to do anything.


Automate payments: monthly rates and flexibility

Cloud services are managed in a fully automatic mode, they give the advantage of being very flexible and being able to activate only what is needed, at the same time they require numerous small payments. To avoid inefficiencies or data loss, we strongly advise you to insert an automatic payment method, i.e. credit card or SEPA direct debit. In this way you can also request payment in small monthly amounts, moreover Utixo will always send you payments in advance so that you can accept or stop them with a simple operation. 

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