Complete mail system protection as an easy-to-configure, completely cloud-based “Software as a Service” solution, requiring no software installation and configuration on your servers or clients.

Easily defend against sophisticated and persistent malware and phishing attacks before they reach your network. Stop cybercriminals from stealing sensitive data, capturing funds, crippling your systems and even extorting

Spam Filter

Filters 99.98% of spam, certified by virusbulletin and zero false positives

Antivirus filter

Maximum protection with support from Clamav, Avira and BitDefender

Quarantine management

The best quarantine management on the market, configurable and simple

Protection from cyber scams

Protect e-mail from common threats and malicious attacks

High Integrability

Broad compatibility with all mail systems(Exchange, Lotus Notes, Zimbra etc)

URL Sandbox

Proprietary technology that checks the security of all links received in emails

Immediate activation

It requires no hardware or software purchases, and is a cloud service that can be activated in minutes

Pay-per-use solution

You only pay for what you use, extend or reduce the service based on your needs

QuickSand Sandbox

Analyzes via sandbox and protects against threats contained in files (Cryptolocker)

Protezione per Microsoft Exchange e Google Workspace

Aggiungi un ulteriore livello di protezione a MS 365 e Workspace contro spam, phishing e malware.  Si integra anche perfettamente con la soluzione on premise di Exchange e protegge sia la ricezione che l’invio.


Email security solution for shared hosting both at Utixo and third parties.


SMEs, large companies and public bodies with internal mail servers.


Offer your customers the best protection system: security and privacy.

Servizio cloud in alta affidabilità

Il servizio è erogato nella sua configurazione più sicura e performante applicando tutte le best practice per ottenere il migliore risultato, si parla perciò di cluster geografico distribuito su più data-center e di monitoraggio real-time della piattaforma. Voi non avete altro a cui pensare, gestiamo tutto noi.

Addition resources (Datasheets, Videos, Whitepapers)

Tracciamento delle vostre email

La console di amministrazione consente agli utenti il tracciamento anche grafico delle email per la massima sicurezza.

Our as-a-service solution advantages

Protect your company with Utixo email security suite. Try the solution today for free for 30 days, no commitment

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a cloud service that is a managed service ready to use that does not require installations and configurations on your network, to proceed simply order the TRIAL service specifying the required data in a few minutes the MX records will be provided to be set in your DNS, once once the DNS is configured, the service will be active.
It is advisable to disable any other antivirus or antispam that may be present in the mail and to whitelist the IP addresses of the Libraesva servers. The support is available to help you with the configuration.

The service sends each user the list of emails classified as a threat daily, the user will have the possibility to release the email deemed valid and possibly whitelist the sender to prevent other similar emails from being blocked again, however the false positives are extremely rare. It is also possible to access the control panel to view the contents of the quarantine.

Yes, the system automatically creates a domain administrator account that can manage the mailbox security settings for all users, release emails from quarantine and whitelist domains, IPs or individual emails. It is also possible to have a single administrator for multiple domains.

The use of our security suite is strongly recommended with Office365 now renamed Microsoft365 and with Google Workspace, the products integrate perfectly and increase the level of security. Setup is quick and easy.

Utixo sells the email security as a service solution, that is, it is a service managed in full by Utixo in a highly reliable cluster configuration, while Libraesva provides a single dedicated server specifically created for the single customer. Another big advantage of the Utixo solution is that our filters have been active for some years so they already have an optimized configuration from years of experience on our customers including the numerous exceptions that become necessary over time. A new installation instead starts from a system that requires a “fine tuning”

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