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Create a custom email domain, it's your digital identity

If in the past it was not very relevant, today the corporate domain is to all intents and purposes an asset of primary importance. It can have great economic value, in fact, digital domain names are sold out and the most common ones are sold at very high prices.

Internet presence is critical to your business.

Register your business domain

Registering an internet domain with Utixo is a quick and easy process that allows you to have a web address and customize your website. Before registering a business domain, it is important to choose a name that is easily recognizable and memorable by users, avoiding using special characters or numbers that are too complicated. Find out now how to choose the right domain name .

A digital domain needs a TLD extension in order to be registered and therefore displayed. Utixo manages over 600 TLDs to choose from, each TLD has its own registration rules and price. In addition, it is important to choose a domain extension that suits your needs, such as .com, .it, .net, .org, and check the availability of the chosen name. Once chosen, you will be able to make the payment for the domain registration and configure the DNS settings to associate the domain name with a website or other online services.

Transfer your business domain

Improve the quality of service with Utixo! To transfer an internet domain, you must verify that it is eligible for transfer and that it is not disputed or suspended. Also, it is important to obtain the authorization code from the old registrar and follow the instructions to authorize the transfer.

Once the transfer process is complete, Utixo will take care of managing your business domain and DNS settings. A domain transfer can take several days to complete due to the propagation time of DNS changes. Transferring a domain, site and mail without having disruptions requires technical knowledge and specific tools that Utixo has. We recommend that you delegate to us the task of transferring services professionally, quickly and accurately, at no cost.

Acquisizione clienti con Utixo

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Your trusted partner

Leave the management of your business domain to us

Domain name management is becoming increasingly important; it is an asset that can have high value. It is essential to have a reliable partner that allows management through innovative tools and can be supported, not only for the technical part, but also for the legal part. So you can focus on your core business without wasting time.

protezione legale nomi di dominio

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