smtp: simple mail trasnport protocol

SMTP is a professional e-mail service focused on quality and reputation to ensure e-mail delivery to recipients. The perfect mail replay solution for all major mail servers such as Exchange, HMail, Zimbra, Kerio and many others.

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Features of Simple Mail Transfer Protocol service for sending e-mail

High Availability

SMTP is cloud-based with high availability and reliability.

High Quality Sending

It follows all best practices to ensure delivery.

IP Reputation Control

Continuously check the reputation of the most used IPs and blacklists.

Automatic IP Rotation

It is able to rotate IPs to optimize sending speed.

NO SPAM Policy

It blocks outbound spam and prevent service use outside the ToS.


Provides a dashboard with statistics, sent emails and errors.

how smtp works

Relay SMTP server for mail.

There are many good reasons to use an external SMTP service for your services. In fact, there are many rules that need to be followed in order to have quality service. In addition, continuous monitoring is necessary. Rely on Utixo to send emails for your mail servers (Exchange, HMail, Kerio or other).

Email tracking

From the control panel you can view:

  • The “track delivery.”
  • The detail of each submission.
  • Filtering by successful, deferred, queued, or failed submission.

It is also possible to export the log to a .csv file for detailed analysis.

Utixo | SMTP mail

Your emails always in the recipient's inbox

With the SMTP service and its perfect configuration, maximum deliverability can be achieved. This results in high email delivery capacity to recipients. In addition, you can perform the quality measurement test yourself.

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is quick and easy to set up

Send email from any application, printers, scanners, management, and any device that asks for a backing SMTP server (SMTP relay). In a few minutes you receive the configuration data and start shipping with high quality.

configurazione SMTP

With SMTP you always have detailed statistics

View real-time service statistics: total sent, failed, deferred and queued emails.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

It is important to configure the various parameters correctly to achieve the best sending quality (email deliverability). Our technical support team is available to guide you to the best configuration and run all tests, only then can we ensure delivery of your emails. Before you start sending emails, open a ticket so you can ask for the correct configuration of parameters specific to your needs.

Yes, if configured correctly the sending problems are drastically reduced. If you have any questions about your configuration, please consult our technical support team.

Our professional SMTP service is a system focused more on the quality than the quantity of e-mail sent. If you intend to carry out e-mail marketing campaigns with very high numbers of communications sent, Utixo recommends another specific product. It is definitely better suited for the purpose, it is called Pulse Email Marketing Platform and you can find it here.

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