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SafeBox is Utixo's cloud storage service, a solution based on the IaaS model that allows you to create and manage remote storage spaces suitable for numerous needs: from additional storage for servers to storage for backups

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Flexible Access

Various access protocols such as FTP, SFTP, SCP and RSYNC can be used. This way you can access it easily and safely. You can even integrate your SafeBox cloud storage into your file system via Webdav or Samba.


Use the snapshots feature to capture an instant backup of your SafeBox cloud storage and restore it if needed. This is undoubtedly the perfect protection from cryptolocker. In addition, the number and frequency of automatic snapshots can be scheduled as needed.

High Flexibility

Resize it according to your current needs and without losing data or having to manually migrate. Just go to your control panel and resize the Safebox cloud storage as you need it.

Access your storage flexibly


Server cloud storage SafeBox

Protect your backups with automatic snapshots

Backups also need to be properly protected. In fact, in addition to having to be in a different physical location from where the original data is, it also needs to be protected from unauthorized access, such as ransomware. Our SafeBox cloud storage has a specific feature to create inaccessible copies of your data very quickly. In fact, this provides an extra layer of protection that other storage does not have. Find out how it works.

Usable as a cloud network drive

Through the CIFS protocol, SafeBox cloud storage can be used as a shared cloud network disk on multiple systems.

Also, there is no additional charge to proceed with uploads and downloads, you can use your documents whenever and wherever you want.

Utixo | Cloud storage CIFS protocol

Unlimited traffic

SafeBox has an extremely competitive price/feature ratio: high performance, unlimited traffic, and you can create 100 users at no additional cost. No other provider offers as much.

Storage for your GDPR backup

SafeBox is especially suitable as destination storage for cloud backups, is compatible with virtually any backup software given the many supported protocols, and makes your backup GDPR compliant.

Il backup deve essere GDPR compliant

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, up to 100 users can be created and each of them can have up to 10 active connections per single protocol.

Yes, you can create a shared disk that multiple users access even from remote offices.

SafeBox has an automatic snapshot function, that is, the ability to save the entire contents of the storage itself at regular intervals. This allows, for example, total content recovery even if the data were encrypted providing total protection.

Veeam free Agent is free software that allows both PC and server backups (it is also compatible with the server version), individual files and the entire volume. It is a very good software, perfect in conjunction with our SafeBox. The link to download it is here

It is possible to use Utixo storage as a destination for Veeam product you can see how to do it in this video:

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