Pulse Email Marketing Platform

Create professional newsletters, send marketing emails, manage subscriber lists, feed the contact database, track communication effectiveness, increase sales, all from a simple web interface

Cloud platform for professional e-mail marketing

100% Cloud Hosted Technology

Pulse is a next-generation product using the latest Web technologies, designed for reliability security and scalability

Designed to be simple

We thought it should be simple and straightforward, turn your ideas into reality with just a few minutes by reusing your templates

Automatically import your contacts

Then import your lists easily with a csv tool or through the powerful API functions

Professional and responsive emails

Each email is created with an editor that allows high graphic quality and ease of reading on any device.

Guaranteed email delivery

We comply with all best practices to ensure the deliverability of your emails; it is important that emails arrive in the recipient's inbox

Integrate your application

Through our API system we give your system/management the ability to interact with our platform

Email marketing platform

Email Marketing can be an extremely efficient tool for reaching new customers. We offer several ways to take advantage of this simple and effective marketing tool, including our popular Email Campaign Service. Gain access to millions of potential new customers and plan your email campaign online quickly and easily, or let one of our experts do it for you.

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Perfect emails in minutes

Create beautiful emails online, quickly and effortlessly! Our editor uses the most sophisticated drag-and-drop technologies that enable the creation of elegantly designed emails that can be adapted to any device, both fixed and mobile. In addition, the template-based management system allows you to reuse the work done previously.

Email marketing has always worked

After 50 years from its creation, email is the most used and most efficient form of communication for maintaining commercial and professional relationships, an investment of sure return.

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Pulse Marketing Platform Utixo:

For Web Agencies and resellers

We came up with Pulse Email Marketing Platform to make our reseller and web agency clients happy: everything is very simple and functional, and we can even provide a customized interface with your logo. Furthermore, if you have your own applications we can help you integrate them through our API.

It allows a perfect view on any device

Pulse uses responsive technologies: a responsive email is one that looks good on any device whether desktop, tablet, or phone. Email automatically adapts to screen resolution allowing users to access email on the go.

View statistical data on the progress of the campaign with immediate and easy to interpret graphs

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The tutorials are published on our YouTube channel at the following address: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyduOslutC4zwukm8ofn-sg

In particular you can see the tutorial in Italian at this address: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9QTyjhw4rQ

Yes, we can integrate the platform with wordpress and prestashop.

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