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Customer and business acquisition for Utixo is an important growth opportunity. In the managed cloud services industry, there are some crucial success factors. One among them is economy of scale, therefore, we are always looking for acquisitions and/or partnerships with other companies.
Another factor is focusing on your own business, so if managing deadlines, renewals and servicing your services becomes too much of a task, you can delegate to us. We are focused and structured to best handle a high number of services.

Acquisizione clienti con Utixo
Acquisizione clienti e aziende Utixo

We have a great deal of acquisition experience both in Europe and outside Europe.
Detecting customers of Intenet services or a business is not just a matter of numbers. In fact, we want to provide excellent service for your customers, not just acquire as many customers as possible. Quality trumps quantity.
We have tools for mass migrations of services, designed so that there is no inconvenience to customers.

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