Is your data backup GDPR compliant? Don't underestimate compliance!

Il backup deve essere GDPR compliant

It is really very important to have a GDPR-compliant backup, and in this article we explain why.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a set of European Union regulations that aims to protect the rights of citizens regarding their privacy and the protection of personal data. In fact, we have previously discussed controls and penalties that could result from non-compliance with the cookie law and obligations for websites. But not everyone knows that it also imposes some specific regulations regarding data backups, a key security measure in order to ensure data protection.
SafeBox is Utixo’s cloud storage service designed specifically to ensure secure GDPR-compliant backup.

What does it mean to back up data?

Data backup is a process that aims to copy and save electronic or physical information so that it can be recovered in case of loss or damage. Therefore, backup can be a key element of the business continuity plan (BCP) and disaster recovery plan (ERP). In fact, these are plans that aim to ensure business continuity in the event of sudden disruptions, such as natural disasters or technical failures. In addition, backing up data can enable activities to be restored quickly and effectively.

What is the description of "cloud backup"?

First, a cloud storage is an online service that allows you to store and manage data remotely. Instead of storing your files and documents on your computer or local storage device, you can upload them to a server belonging to a third party via the Internet. Utixo’s SafeBox can be considered a cloud backup because it provides a copy of your important files and documents on Utixo’s servers. This ensures their protection from catastrophic events, such as hardware failure, accidents, or data loss on your local device.

SafeBox enables GDPR compliant backup

A fundamental rule of the GDPR is the principle of integrity and confidentiality, which requires that personal data be kept up-to-date and protected from loss, damage, or unauthorized access.

Using SafeBox cloud storage for data backup ensures that the following mandatory requirements are met:

  • Physical security of the backup: the backup is stored in a safe place, protected from unauthorized access, physical damage and other threats. This involves storing the backup at a location other than the place of origin of the data.
  • Data encryption: the backup is encrypted, i.e., unreadable, to ensure that people’s personal data are protected from unauthorized access.

  • Protection from Ransomware and Cryptolocker
    : In the event of data security breaches, which can occur due to cyberattacks, human error, or technical failures, backup enables restoration of lost or damaged data. Thus, through this process the impact on citizens’ privacy is limited. SafeBox makes the backup immutable and provides an additional layer of security through a snapshot system. This allows the creation of an automatic, scheduled copy of all storage that is not accessible in any way.
  • US data transfer compliance: backup to be GDPR compliant must be in European datacenters and not subject to possible transfer to the US. The Privacy Shield, an agreement between the EU and the United States that provided a mechanism for the transfer of personal data between the two jurisdictions, was invalidated by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in July 2020. Therefore, storage systems residing outside the EU or operated by non-EU entities, which might transfer data, must be treated specifically.

You can find more details regarding our SafeBox cloud storage system by checking out our dedicated site page.

Does your current backup system meet these characteristics and conditions? Do you have a GDPR compliant backup?

This topic has been underestimated by many, but, instead, it is still as relevant today as ever. So, it is important to remember that if you are not adequate you could face high penalties in case of audits.

For more information or if you would like a checkup of your backup please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to provide a free consultation!

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