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The Utixo Web Site Downdetector tool allows you to check website availability and response time: a non-functioning site always results in an economic and image loss.

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Why up time, hosting quality and website monitoring is important?


Often site problems of slowness or unavailability are due to unauthorized access; it is important to take action now and diagnose the problem to protect the information it contains and make the necessary technical changes.


The Web site represents the company so the inaccessible site impacts the level of trust the user has towards the company, this is especially important if it is an e-commerce site where trust plays a key role.


Google regularly accesses the site to update content, as if it were an ordinary user, finding the site not accessible penalizes SEO i.e., your site’s position in Google search results.

How does Web Site Downdetector work?

The tool simulates visitor interaction with your Web site so that you and your team are the first to know if your Web site is slow, damaged or unavailable. Get fast and accurate 24/7 external monitoring, measure your provider’s level of service and the reliability of your site.

site dowdetector

Multi-level notifications thanks to Web Site Downdetector

The system provides notification to multiple contacts via email, text message or through a specific APP to be installed on the smartphone. You can also request to open a ticket to our technical department to take charge. Weekly you will receive an up time report. In addition if you have hosting with us you can have our support open a ticket automatically.

Are you sure your site is up and available 24 hours a day for 365 days?
Find out with Web Site Downdetector by Utixo!

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, you can purchase the product to monitor sites at other providers and check the quality of service, or activate it as an option to an Utixo hosting plan. The service is perfect for checking the quality of your hosting provider in terms of availability and performance. Leggi il nostro articolo per saperne di più.

Yes, we have probes in multiple countries so it is possible to monitor availability and response times as if we were users physically in other countries.

Of course! Utixo works mainly with professional operators. Visit the dedicated page or contact our sales department for a price list.

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