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Certicata E-mail Boxes on domain CNIPA compliant, or on company domain (third level) with additional management services

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Messages received by Certified Electronic Mail are digital documents with legal value. This means that they represent a correspondence with the legal relevance of the business activity. In addition, they must be kept for 10 years in accordance with the law.

Ogni PEC aziendale è un documento digitale da conservare: certified email

What are third-level JEPs?

The third-level Certified Electronic Mail boxes must be associated with an already registered domain, usually corporate. The postal address will therefore have the format: [email protected]. This allows you to better manage the company’s certified mailboxes. A special certification procedure is therefore required to be able to use this mode.

Certification is an authorization process to allow your domain to receive and manage certified mail emails. You only need to request it once and allows you to create unlimited PEC mailboxes on the certified domain.

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How does Certified Email work?

A Certified E-mail message must be sent from a certified mailbox to another certified mailbox.
When the sender holding a PEC mailbox sends a message to another certified user, the message is collected by the certified domain manager (access point). This encloses it in a transport envelope and applies an electronic signature in order to guarantee its inalterability and origin. After that, it directs the message to the recipient’s certified mailbox manager who verifies the signature and delivers it to the recipient (delivery point). Once the message is delivered, the recipient sends a delivery receipt to the sender user. Then, the latter can be sure that his message has reached its destination.

During the transmission of a message through two PEC boxes, other receipts are issued that have the purpose of guaranteeing and verifying the correct functioning of the system and always keeping the transaction in a consistent state.

Posta elettronica Certificata con Utixo

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The certification of your domain allows the creation of one or more PECs. They use the domain name directly, such as [email protected]. Therefore, to order a PEC on your domain you must also purchase domain certification. This then allows the creation of unlimited certified boxes. The advantage is that the PEC remains tied to the company and not to the service provider, owner of the domain.

If it is PEC on your personal domain surely yes. Instead, if it is generic PEC on another domain, verification is required. In some cases it is not possible to transfer and it is necessary to change the postal address.

Yes, it is also necessary to order the certification of the domain itself. After you certify your domain, you can purchase multiple certified mailboxes.

Yes, we have a webmail interface suitable for both PCs and smartphones, very simple and fast, accessible from the address.

This interface can be used both for standard mailboxes and on a personal domain.

You can check and search the boxes of all Italian companies from the appropriate portal:

Yes, it is possible to change the address upon notification to the Chamber of Commerce.

Yes, certified mail is domain independent. In the case of third-level mail it is necessary to make some DNS configurations. On request our technical department can make the correct settings.

The obligation to keep messages lasts 10 years as indicated in articles 2214 and 2220 of the Civil Code. This provides for the obligation to “… keep neatly for each business the originals of letters, telegrams and invoices received, as well as copies of letters, telegrams and invoices sent”. In addition, they provide for ten-year conservation for “.. invoices, letters and telegrams received and copies of invoices, letters and telegrams sent”.

The on domain box is always configured on a third-level domain, that is, Therefore, the full email address will be  *[email protected]**.

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