Utixo uses AI to understand what email system Italian companies use

In the increasingly digital world we live in, choosing a business email service provider has become a crucial decision for many businesses. With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) and web scraping technologies, Utixo conducted a statistical study to understand what email system Italian companies use. The results were surprising. It all starts with 65,000 domains analyzed.

The Method of Analysis

Utixo employed advanced AI algorithms and web scraping techniques to examine the MX records of 65,000 Italian domains. MX records provide crucial information about the email service provider used by each domain. Through this in-depth analysis, a clear picture of the preferences of Italian companies in terms of business email providers emerged.

Amazing results

According to the results of the study, out of 65,000 domains examined found via AI:

8,534 domains (about 13.1%) use Microsoft 365 as their business email service provider.
2,364 domains (about 3.6%) use Google Workspace as their business email service provider.
55,402 domains (about 84.9%) use other business email service providers.
These data highlight a predominance of Microsoft 365 in the Italian business email landscape, followed by Google Workspace, while a significant share of companies rely on other providers for their email communications.

Interpretation of Results

The preference for Microsoft 365 among Italian enterprises could be attributed to the wide range of tools and features offered by this platform, which include not only email, but also productivity applications such as Word, Excel, and Teams, as well as robust security and integration solutions.

On the other hand, the adoption of Google Workspace by a significant number of businesses could be influenced by familiarity with the Google ecosystem and its intuitive collaborative solutions such as Gmail, Docs, and Drive.

This analysis is EXCLUSIVE UTIXO, starting directly from REAL DATA.

This analysis will be repeated in the future to show the trends of the market, so STAY TUNED, the trend will be that M365 will grow again, I feel like making this prediction.

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