Utixo becomes cloud services manager for Pickupservice, a major logistics hub

Utixo announces that it has closed an agreement for the ICT part of an important logistics hub. Pick Up Service, founded in 2014, is a rapidly expanding company with a tight plan of acquisitions in the sector, including the recent acquisition of DidacoLogistica S.r.l.

Pick Up Service specializes in filling, packaging, assembling and logistics of products in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors.

Under the leadership of Chairman Marco Calabrese, the group is going through a phase of strong growth, and thus reaches a consolidated turnover of € 40 million.

We improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase safety

Utixo’s first task is to harmonize and optimize the ICT systems of the various acquired companies. By providing a strategic view of the entire system based on a project to move to cloud computing, Utixo will allow you to dramatically increase productivity and at the same time reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) costs.

Having a clear project is the first important and strategic step for the competitiveness of the entire group. In particular, the first phase includes the adoption of Microsoft 365 for identity management, email management, File System, Endpoint Management, Internet Presence and all team working functions.

Utixo, as always, has placed a particular focus on cyber security by activating all the tools, from MFA to endpoint management through Defender for Business.

In fact, Microsoft 365 is a management tool that not only includes mail, but also implements all security tools, integrating deeply with the Windows client and server operating environment.

Utixo specializes in the management of IT infrastructures as a service, giving customers operational flexibility through periodic fees without the need for investments.

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