Microsoft 365: hand over your management to Utixo

Utixo specializes in e-mail management and offers its clients the most appropriate solution in relation to business needs.

With this in mind, we are also a direct Microsoft CPS (Cloud Solution Provider) partner, providing the Microsoft 365 solutions by adding consulting, training, support and integration with other cloud products used by the company.

Utixo è Microsoft cloud solution provider

That's why you can rely on us

If you have an M365 product you can go under our management, the cost will be the same as applied by Microsoft but you will have numerous benefits to working with a direct and qualified partner like Utixo:

  • No technical changes, no configuration to change
  • Faster business support in Italian language
  • Improved technical support
  • Italian electronic invoice without the need for Intrastat
  • Same price as Microsoft
  • Grouping together with other services so as to have a single invoice
  • Payment flexibility (paypal, wire transfer, SEPA debit, Credit Card)
  • Split payment management for public administration

Take advantage of Microsoft 365, you've already paid for it!

Learn how to improve your company’s efficiency by taking full advantage of the potential of Microsoft 365. You have already paid for the whole package, but you use only 10% of it. It is essential to maximize the use of its features so that no opportunity for improvement is missed.

Download the documentation to learn about the entire Microsoft 365 ecosystem in depth!

The innovative UCMP platform

Utixo provides enterprises with the best integrated cloud services through the innovative UCMP platform. In addition, we provide professional services and consulting through our network of partners.

UCPM is a multivendor cloud marketplace and cloud automation platform. It is developed in-house by Utixo and uses the latest technology, integrating several specially created innovations. Examples may include: payment management using open-banking APIs and the possibility of delegation for third-party access to services.

It is important to understand that the unified management of all cloud services brings a huge benefit and increases the security of the entire IT system.

The transition is very quick and easy, consult our sales department for more information. You can also write to us by clicking the button below.

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