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The cyber threats of 2022

The annual report of the National Cybersecurity Agency (NCA), which was created by decree in the second half of 2021, was presented to Parliament on Monday, June 19. The report provides an overview of data, activities and projects for the full year 2022 collected by the agency.

In general, globally, there has been a sharp increase in illicit activities aimed at causing cyber damage. “Italy was among the countries most affected by the widespread spread of malware and targeted cyberattacks.” In fact, as many as 1,094 cyber events were covered.

From the analysis of these events, it was possible to identify the various types of attacks. It appears that the spread of malware via e-mail is still the most substantial threat. Often the emails contain a message inviting you to download the attachment containing the virus, disguised as important documents such as invoices, advertisements, and more.

Among the most impactful threats, however, ransomware, another type of virus, was confirmed. The report shows 130 events, but the figure represents only a portion of the attacks that occurred. Often victims, especially if SMEs lack cybersecurity and appropriate internal structures, do not report the event.

Treviso case: hacker changes IBAN

An example case may be just that. The scam began in recent months, and now the postal police are investigating the case.

By intercepting e-mail messages from a Treviso-based mechanical company, the hacker was able to create a copy of an invoice intended for one of their customers. By changing the IBAN, he achieved his goal: to have the sum of 99,000 euros credited to him by posing as the Treviso company.

The customer, after receiving the commissioned machinery supply, proceeded with payment. Unfortunately, he did not realize that he was transferring the amount to a foreign bank account.

In the face of the incident, both companies decided to strengthen the protection and prevention of their technology infrastructure with additional cybersecurity solutions.

Protecting the enterprise with cybersecurity

Based on the above, the importance of adopting advanced technological protection measures should be emphasized.

Email security suite with Libraesva technology

The Libraesva technology used by Utixo includes a powerful e-mail filtering system that uses advanced algorithms to identify and block unwanted messages. This filtering system analyzes content, attachments, IP addresses and other factors. In addition, artificial intelligence is used to recognize suspicious patterns and behavior, enabling real-time adaptation to new threats and offering proactive protection.

This is not a simple anti-spam system, but a complex cybercrime protection solution.

Utixo offers cloud email protection as a service, that is, managed and monitored entirely by us. This means that it requires no hardware or software purchases and can be activated in minutes. You pay only for what you use and can extend or reduce the service based on your needs.

Have you ever heard of the DMARC, DKIM and SPF security protocols?

Their goal is precisely to protect users from phishing, spoofing and spam attacks by identifying and authenticating e-mail items. By properly implementing these security measures, domain owners can increase users’ confidence in their emailing while reducing the risk of abuse and fraud.

Utixo places cybersecurity at the center of its efforts, specializing and offering advanced solutions with a constant focus on GDPR data protection. Cybersecurity is a key priority and is being proactively addressed in all aspects. Rigorous technology investments, policies and procedures provide a secure and reliable environment for all our clients, ensuring peace of mind in all their digital activities.

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