Utixo storage for cloud backups: security and protection from cryptolockers

As part of the Iaas (infrastructure as a service) offering we offer different types of storage, object storage compatible with S3 but also types of cloud storage compatible with more traditional protocols such as SMB and FTP.

This type of storage is particularly suitable for backups because it can easily replace existing local storage such as NAS while offering a lot of security and protection.

It can therefore be used with any backup software as if it were local storage but is actually high-performance, high-security cloud storage, and better meets GDPR requirements for data protection.

Using this storage for backup offers many advantages:

● the backup and in a different physical location

● Storage uses a triple-copy RAID system.

● Storage uses a snapshot system that provides protection from malware

● It is possible to extend or reduce the space easily and automatically

● Storage and GDPR compatible and in line with all EU privacy regulations.

Specifically, this storage offers cryptolocker protection through a snapshot system, that is, the creation of an automatic, scheduled copy of all storage that is not accessible in any way.

A video showing how to configure storage with the Veeam free agent product to build a free secure backup solution is available at the following address:


Added to this is the reduced cost of storage, you can see the price list here:


Ask us for a dedicated quotation.

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