Goodbye to free G Suite, switch to paid Google Workspace

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Goodbye to free G Suite, switch to paid Google Workspace

It’s official, we have to say goodbye to Google’s free G Suite. As it happens with many high IT products and services, after a free start the service becomes pay-as-you-go, this is what is happening to Google’s g-suite that was initially free and will soon switch to pay-as-you-go for all users.

In 2006, Google introduced its Google Apps for schools and businesses. It was a first attempt to deal a blow to Microsoft’s de facto monopoly in formats and tools. In 2012 Google deleted them and created a more organic structure, the G Suite. The G-Suite, renamed in 2020 Google Workspace.

In an email sent to the various systems administrators still using Google Apps, the Mountain View company reports that “all remaining users will be moved to Google Workspace with a paid account based on their type of use.” Only the Nonprofit and Education Fundamentals accounts remain free (in the education sector Google has created four levels for its Workspace, with the first “Fundamentals” free and the others paid: Standard, Upgrade and Plus).

Utixo is available to take over the management of Workspace accounts, or we can propose alternatives such as Microsoft365 or Hosted Exchange, and provide management for the eventual migration of your accounts.

For any information please do not hesitate to contact us, our team of experts will be able to recommend the best solution for you!

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