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Mattia Paolillo, account manager at Utixo

Roberto Mazzei, CEO of Utixo

In the digital age we are in, IT infrastructure plays a critical role for companies in every industry. Data management, internal and external communication, human resource management, performance monitoring, process automation. These are all day-to-day operations that without proper IT infrastructure, many companies would not be able to support.

Utixo is a Cloud Service Provider that has earned a solid reputation in the IaaS (IT infrastructure as a service) sector, offering its customers the management and maintenance of a solid technological infrastructure. This allows them the ability to focus on their core business while reducing operating costs and improving business efficiency.

But what exactly does "IT infrastructure as a service" mean? What benefits does it bring?

IT infrastructure as a service is an IT resource deployment model in which an external provider, in this case Utixo, manages and makes available to the user all the resources needed to support a company’s IT operations. This may include servers, storage, networking, and other key resources. Instead of having to invest in the purchase, configuration and maintenance of an in-house infrastructure (on-premise solution), companies can simply subscribe to a cloud service and access the resources they need in a flexible and scalable manner.

So let’s see what benefits it brings:

  1. Reduced operational costs: using cloud services enables companies to avoid high initial investments in hardware and software purchases. Instead of having to manage and maintain the infrastructure internally, companies pay only for the resources they actually use.
  2. Simplified updates and maintenance: with cloud services, the company is not responsible for managing and updating the infrastructure. Utixo takes care of all aspects of software maintenance, security, and infrastructure performance.
  3. High reliability and availability: cloud service providers have highly reliable, geographically distributed data centers. This ensures greater redundancy and better availability of services, minimizing unplanned downtime. In addition, Utixo offers service level agreements (SLA) that guarantee a certain degree of reliability and response time.
  4. Remote access and improved collaboration: cloud services enable access to data and applications from any location and device connected to the Internet. This fosters collaboration among geographically dispersed teams and enables efficient remote work.

What are the strengths of Utixo?

Since 2020 we have been part of the
innovative start-ups
of the Italian business register. In fact, we focus on the development and production of technological services and products, using the latest innovations, including artificial intelligence systems.

Utixo’s strength starts with the innovative Utixo Cloud Management Platform (UCMP). It is a management and cloud automation interface that can enable, manage, deliver support and automate all processes. The system starts from a solid and proven international solution, on which we build a series of improvements with proprietary technologies.

What benefits has Utixo gained from the business model based on reviewers and affiliates?

We have more than 2000 customers spread all over the world, a result achieved also thanks to our commercial approach through the affiliate channel. We develop a partnership program with resellers and IT consultants and web agencies which, through the use of the UCMP platform, allows them to access a wide catalog of integrated products and leverage a cross-selling system. In addition, the platform also allows the partner to manage all processes. Very important among these are payments, which take place immediately and automatically through open banking systems for automating trade flows. It is important to understand that the unified management of all cloud services brings a huge benefit and increases the security of the entire IT system.

By having the company have a single technology partner, rather than managing dozens of subscriptions with different vendors, it can leverage numerous advantages. For example, the management of the Microsoft 365, whether you already have it or not, can be entrusted to us or to one of our affiliates. Commercial and technical support is faster, the electronic invoice is Italian, without the need for Intrastat and unique in the case of using other services. In addition, there is more payment flexibility, you can choose from multiple modes (PayPal, bank transfer, SEPA debit, credit card).

Data security is one of the most talked about and discussed topics in recent years. How is Utixo managed in the IT infrastructure?

With the increasing digitization of business information, data security has become a top priority. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union also imposes some specific regulations that aim to protect the rights of citizens regarding their privacy and the protection of personal data.

A robust IT infrastructure includes advanced security measures to protect corporate data from unauthorized access, theft, loss or damage. Utixo offers tools and services to help companies ensure total security and regulatory compliance.

For example, data backup, i.e. the process of copying and saving information so that it can be restored in the event of loss or damage, in addition to being necessary, must also comply with mandatory requirements required by the GDPR.
is the cloud storage service that we have designed precisely to ensure
a secure GDPR compliant backup
. This, in fact, keeps copies of data in a different physical location, is encrypted, i.e., unreadable, and uses a system of “snapshots,” i.e., automatic, programmed copies of all storage that are not accessible in any way.

Data backup to be GDPR compliant must be in European datacenters and not subject to possible transfer to the US. So this means that, cloud storage systems residing outside the EU or operated by non-EU entities, which might transfer data, must be treated specifically.

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