New metering feature for using email security suite and cloud sep antivirus

Sistema di metering dei servizi cloud

The new metering mode for the use of Email Security Suite and SEP antivirus will be gradually activated, which will automatically detect the number of active users and align billing accordingly.

This will allow for a single deadline and simplify management for your clients. The pay-per-use concept is implemented without having to order additional licenses manually, or manually delete unused licenses.

In general, Utixo implements the model of billing for the use of services without pre-emptively restricting them, modeled after large IT players such as AWS and Google.

Therefore, it is important to use credit card or SEPA debit as the payment method. In fact, small adjustment bills may be issued that are difficult to handle with manual payments such as wire transfer.

The feature is enabled on Utixo Cloud Management Platform (UCMP), our proprietary platform that allows you to manage multiple cloud services, even from different vendors, efficiently and with less bureaucracy.

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