The Strasbourg Incident

Incidente di Straburgo

As a result of the fire at the Strasbourg data center, which involved a significant number of servers, some of our services experienced interruptions, including our website and Control Panel.

The Strasbourg incident is an extremely serious and rare event involving tens of thousands of websites and applications. Few Internet Service Providers are prepared to deal with and resolve such an incident. This in fact goes far beyond the ordinary management requirement, which involves only local redundancy.

In the specific case of the Strasbourg campus, the largest in Europe, the fire destroyed one and a half of the 4 datacenters included. The remainder then remained isolated. For more information regarding the news we refer to this article.

What is necessary to do in situations like this?

Utixo, after assessing the situation, activated internal Disaster Recovery procedures. These are time-consuming and complex disaster backup restoration operations, which are done on other data centers that have been prepared in advance. Thus Utixo in just 2 days was able to restore 80 percent of its services, while the Strasbourg campus is still not fully restored today.

In general, when purchasing an IT service, it is always located in a specific data center, including backups. If specific and expensive disaster recovery procedures have not been put in place, the risk is to lose data completely. The Strasbourg incident should be considered a point of reflection and a lesson to be learned from. Look at our IaaS (infrastructure as a service) solution, it is a form of cloud computing that provides virtualized computing resources over the Internet.

Utixo is an independent cloud provider, so services are not tied to a single data center. We use the best choice according to customers’ needs and best performance. This meant that many of our services allocated at other facilities remained regularly active and available.

In addition, aware of the importance of preserving the planet’s natural balance, Utixo is among the first cloud companies to also select data centers based on ecological sustainability parameters.

We stand for high reliability and maximum data protection in compliance with current GDPR regulations, and we are always focused on providing cloud services for businesses.

Therefore, following this incident we planned to strengthen the multi-data center deployment of our services and implement new procedures. All this in order to improve services for our clients, especially in cases like this. Many customers choose us specifically for our customized disaster recovery solutions and to have a guarantee of business continuity even under extreme conditions. Also read this article.

The Utixo team thanks you and wishes you good work.

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