Enterprise cloud: the T&T Sistemi case history

Let’s look at another successful case in which Utixo takes over the enterprise cloud infrastructure of the T&T Sistemi Group.

The Arezzo-based company entrusts Utixo with mail control (Exchange), file system (OneDrive), messaging protection (e-mail security suite), and Endpoint security (Defender). In summary, it is mainly about the migration of the mail system Aruba to Microsoft 365, integrated with Utixo security systems.

We thank IT Manager Marina Valerio for trusting us after a long and thorough selection process with numerous vendors. In the article we report some questions we asked her.

T&T Systems: the people, the skills, the technologies

The story of T&T Sistemi (tetsistemi.com) starts with research and technology. In 1995, it was founded as a company specializing in control system software design, capable of working on large-scale projects, highly complex systems, and metro-rail-transit system integration.

Today the T&T Sistemi Group is a multinational company with several locations around the world and hundreds of employees. It is especially active in Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Transportation Industries. The company continues to use the time-tested approach for which it is known: complete process control and absolute reliability.

Marina, can you share why you chose the Utixo enterprise cloud solution for T&T Sistemi?

“Certainly. Our company was looking for a way to improve collaboration among employees and ensure that they could work more efficiently. The enterprise cloud offers numerous benefits that can positively affect various areas of enterprise operations. In fact, this technology allows employees to access company data and applications from any location and device. In addition, we had a specific focus on cybersecurity.”

What services have you purchased for enterprise cloud management?

“We chose the Microsoft 365 business service because it offers a wide range of integrated tools that allow us to communicate, share documents and coordinate work in real time. In addition, we have added some Utixo cybersecurity services, such as email protection with sandbox and AI technology.”

How was the process of acquiring Microsoft accounts with Utixo?

“All Utixo technicians are very prepared and experienced in the corporate cloud field, in fact, they have supported and accompanied us throughout the entire process. We needed to migrate all the data from the old to the new email system without risking loss or service interruptions. As a result of innovative procedures developed over the years, Utixo can be considered a guarantee for migration to Microsoft 365.”

What is the reason why you chose Utixo?

“Fundamental were the design aspect and professional services. Therefore, we started with an implementation project of high quality and, above all, consolidated by numerous previous experiences.
In particular, one discriminator, compared to the competition, was the ability to migrate mail in a phased manner while keeping both Aruba and the new Microsoft 365 system active, without service interruption. This was made possible by a unique methodology implemented by Utixo. Thus, we gradually migrated mail to small user groups without slowing down the work of the company. In contrast, other offers were unable to provide this security.”

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