Back in 2022 we saw a change in Google’s cloud world with thefarewell to the free G Suite and the move to paid Google Workspace, now Google is increasing the global list price of monthly Google Workspace subscriptions.

Google Workspace, a suite of productivity applications, continues to see major changes during 2023; about two months ago we saw a new look to simplify workflow, these days, however, we will have to accept a major price increase announced last Feb. 16.

U.S. users have already been made aware: this is a 20 percent increase for them. In Italy, the bill will be even more expensive in order to maintain alignment with the exchange rate against the U.S. dollar.

Utixo will accordingly adjust the price based on the guidance provided by Google itself.

Google Workspace aumenta i prezzi

Our customers choose Google Workspace because it allows you to work wherever you are and on any device without having to install any software program; Utixo offers two plans of the Google Workspace suite: Business Starter and Business Standard, the most popular version. You can find our offering here.

If you already use Google Workspace and want to receive Italian electronic invoice, you can transfer account management from us by providing a simple token without any changes on the technical side. The price is the same as that charged by Google. For details on how to get the token you can click here.

With Google Workspace you can always be in touch with your colleagues, access any archived file, and manage your data quickly and securely; you can use:

  • Gmail with your domain name
  • Google Calendar for organizing meetings
  • Google Meet and Google Chat to invite anyone, join from anywhere and share screens even without an account
  • Google Drive for saving and sharing files outside the cloud
  • Google Sheets to extract information from your data without complex formulas: simply ask a question and let Google’s artificial intelligence process the answer
  • Google Docs to edit documents from different devices. You can also comment, chat and share changes in real-time

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to provide free consultation!

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