How to access a site under construction that is not configured on the public DNS

How to access a site under construction that is not configured on the public DNS

Web agencies often need to work on a site that is not yet accessible via the public DNS. A typical case is, for example, when you want to improve a website that will replace an existing one. It is necessary, therefore, to access a site under construction with the public DNS still directed to the old site.

Here’s how to access a site under construction

There are 2 methods to access a site not configured on DNS. The first method would, in theory, be the most convenient. Often, however, it may not work, particularly with WordPress sites that are now a standard framework for web agencies.

The second method, on the other hand, always works and with any framework used, but requires downloading and using a tool whose link is attached in the article. The tool can also be sent to clients to allow them to view the site during processing.

Method 1 (works only with cPanel)

cPanel allows you to view a site in development that has not yet been configured on the public DNS using the direct IP address of the server where it is hosted. This is very useful when you want to show a site to clients when it is still under construction.

To find out what IP address to use, you have to go into cPanel, and on the right-hand side, in the general information section, there will be shown the IP used by that domain.

Primo metodo per accedere ad un sito in costruzione

Once the IP is obtained, the following URL must be used:


where ‘IP-SERVER’ is the IP you just derived, and ‘username’ is the username of the hosting in question.

Note: In order to use this feature, the WHM-CPANEL server must be enabled for this feature, so with servers not belonging to Utixo it may not work.

This system, as mentioned earlier, does not always work, as some sites, particularly those using WordPress, have an absolute internal reference. Because of this, only the home could be correctly displayed. In this case, the second system to be used, shown below, may be the best.

Method 2 (works only on Windows systems)

Utixo recommends the use of a specific tool to be able to configure access to a site under construction that is not configured to the DNS. This method is more reliable than the previous one and works with any type of site.

The tool allows you to view a site present at the IP address you indicate in the IP Address field, while the site name must be specified in the Host Name field.

You can download the tool at this address or at

Now run the downloaded tool. It must be run as an administrator, so confirm the request.

You will get this screen:

Secondo metodo: scaricare il tool e accedere al sito in costruzione

To view the site you have to type in the relevant Host Name and IP of the server where the site under development is hosted and the comment, if any.

Inserimento dati per accedere al sito in costruzione

The data to be entered are the domain name you want to display and the IP address obtained from the Utixo cPanel.

Once the domain line is added, opening the site will display the site under construction. This can also be worked on throughout the development phase, and once you want to publish the site all you have to do is configure the DNS and delete the rows using the Utixo tool.

If you have any questions or additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us, our team will support you to the fullest!

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