Share capital increase to € 300,000 i.v.

Share capital increase to € 300,000 i.v.

The interest shown by some investors was finalized in a further capital stock increase from € 200,000 to € 300,000 on 12/30/2021. Please refer to the FY 2020article in which we announce the first capital increase.

This will give us the opportunity to further accelerate growth and increase investment in all areas starting with R&D, which characterizes the vision of innovative companies like Utixo.

Closing forecasts for fiscal year 2021 herald the improvement of many economic fundamentals beyond the standard industry benchmark level, the exceeding of all set targets, and the leveling of ebitda to the desired level.

Also for FY2022, we are always looking for new acquisitions, partnerships and international alliances that are important to position ourselves and compete in the global market hegemonized by a few big players.

Regarding cloud services in Italy, as the market is characterized by a high percentage of micro enterprises, Utixo ranks among the TOP players in terms of capitalization.

We wish everyone well and a fantastic 2022!

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