STILLA industries group chooses Utixo

STILLA industries group chooses Utixo

Stilla Industries Italia is a multinational company based in Vigevano (PV) that manufactures reinforcement tapes for footwear, jersey, thermo- and self-adhesive linings and various other solutions for footwear and leather goods.

It has several locations around the world-Spain, Mexico, Romania, Santo Domingo, Tunisia, and India-and the group includes numerous companies operating in multiple fields.

Utixo was chosen as the provider of choice for Internet services for the entire group, specifically Utixo handles e-mail based on a Microsoft Exchange system at headquarters and protected by a Libraesva cluster, IP reputation management and optimization of email deliverability with a monitored SMTP system, web presence of numerous websites for the entire group, and all aspects of their security.

We at Utixo are proud to work with Stilla, and together we have mapped out a road map for the future that includes migrating some servers to the cloud and extending the company’s local area network to the cloud for cost and efficiency optimization of the IT system.

As a 360-degree cloud provider for Italian companies, Utixo takes care of the complete and integrated management of Internet services and acts as a single point of reference for all needs ensuring security, efficiency, consulting and professional services.

Utixo operates through an extensive network of dealers and affiliates.

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