Cyber attacks on the rise: properly protect your email from spam and scams

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Cyber attacks on the rise: properly protect your email from spam and scams

E-mail is fundamental to daily business communication and productivity. Often, however, cyber attacks occur by malicious attackers who try to obtain sensitive data and use it to blackmail users or steal credentials and money by accessing banking information(read more). Malicious attackers organize increasingly sophisticated multi-carrier campaigns, so it is necessary to protect e-mail on multiple levels.

There are now numerous cases of online scams, and the most egregious cases even end up in the newspapers (read our article as well). If you need to work quietly with email, then the solution is the Utixo email protection service based on Libraesva ESG technology.

It is a fully managed service in a high-reliability cluster configuration, using the latest AI techniques. Our systems have been in operation for years so they already have a configuration optimized by ‘experience . They also implement the many exceptions specific to Italy. Unlike other products that are more geared toward American markets, Libraesva was born from a totally Italian technology.

The advantages are as follows:

  1. 360-degree protection of e-mail system, compatible with all mail systems.
  2. Simple service activation, with no purchase of software or hardware. You pay a monthly fee and can turn it off whenever you want.
  3. Protection from spam, viruses, phishing.
  4. Protection against spoofing, i.e., spoofed senders.
  5. Protection against malicious files and links using sandbox technology.
  6. No management overhead on your part (upgrade/maintenance/configuration).
  7. Telephone support and counseling included.
  8. You only pay for active users (pay per use).
  9. Filters optimized by years of experience and exception handling.
  10. Protection also for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.
Try Libraesva’s email protection suite for 30 days for free, we’ll take care of the setup!

If you have any information or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us, our support team will be able to help you and recommend the right solution!

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