Utixo WordPress toolkit: how to manage wordpress sites quickly and effectively

Utixo WordPress Toolkit is a feature-rich management interface that allows anyone to install, configure and manage WordPress Web sites. It also allows advanced features such as Cloning and Smart Updates.

A very helpful tool for all web agencies developing with WordPress.

Utixo WordPress toolkit feature list:

  1. Administrator and database password management
  2. Search engine indexing management
  3. Single access functionality
  4. Automatic security reinforcement
  5. Management of plugins and theme sets
  6. Staging and cloning capabilities
  7. Automatic and intelligent mass updates

Specifically, with the new server it will be possible to make changes to the site in a protected environment not visible to the public through a staging function that creates a copy of the site on which to make changes and once the changes are approved make them visible to the public.

We have posted a video explaining how to use this new tool on our hosting

This will take you directly to the control panel, once you enter invoice management and open the invoice you want to pay you can select the payment method through the following menu:

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